Best Steak Cuts

Cuts 8th Feb 2021

A steak’s flavour, cooking, price and nutrition all depend on which part of the animal it’s from. From classics like sirloin to new favourites like tomahawk, here are a few of the cuts of steak you can ask for at your local Scotch Butcher.

Keep reading to find out about some of the most common Beef, Lamb and Pork cuts below, and check out our full steak guide for more on expert tips and recipes. 




Sirloin: Classic, well marbled, tender and tasty - especially with a peppercorn sauce.

Ribeye: The juiciest, most marbled steak cut. No wonder it’s a big hit with chefs.

Rump: Or as the Scots call it, Popeseye. Has a good depth of flavour and texture making it the perfect all-rounder.

Featherblade: Unlike other cuts, it’s cut with the grain. Great for braising or in a casserole

Fillet: The leanest cut, it melts in the mouth. Cook it quickly in a very hot pan.

Hanger: Also known as the ‘Butchers Cut’ or onglet. It’s very tender, packed with flavour and requires quick cooking over a high heat.

Bavette: A slightly cheaper cut with amazing flavour. It can be chewy, so marinade it first to tenderise.

T-bone: Sirloin on the bone, fillet on the underside. Take care as both cook at different rates. It’s the perfect sharing steak.

Picanha: A prime, flavourful cut from the top of the rump. When it comes to seasoning, simple is best.

Flat iron: A more affordable alternative to the prime cuts, flat iron is tender -  perfect for quick flash fry and a steak sandwich. It’s also well-marbled and great for grilling.

Cote de Boeuf: A bone-in ribeye steak that impresses on those special occasions.

Tomahawk: Presented in a ‘French-trimmed’ style, this on-the-bone cut will stand out on any plate.


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Gigot: Also known as leg steaks, they are versatile and perfect for quick cooking. Try them in the grill, barbeque or in a casserole. Gigot can come as bone in or boneless steaks.

Shoulder steaks: A less expensive cut, they work best diced, marinated and skewered for the barbeque or grill. But keep an eye out because they cook quickly!

Chump: Lamb’s version of beef rump steak. They’re lean and have a distinctive firm texture.

Cannon: More commonly referred to as loin fillet, it’s tender, lean and considered as one of the best lamb cuts for roasting.

Neck fillet: Available on or off the bone. Can be tough but once slow cooked, will be beautifully tender.



Loin: Best cooked over a slow, moist heat. A good choice if you’re making a stew. Bone in or boneless, ask your skilled butcher.

Tenderloin: Also known as pork fillet, it’s lean and delicately flavoured. Works great in a stir-fry.

Escalope: Ideal for midweek meals, this cut has no bone so it’s quick to prepare and cook. Cut from the leg or the loin.


So, now you know the difference in cuts of steak, which will you go for? Time to visit your local Scotch Butcher and start planning that steak night!