Butcher feature - Tom Newitt

Butcher Tips and Guides 1st Mar 2021

Meet the Butcher

Tom Newitt of M Newitt & Sons Ltd in Thame, Oxfordshire gives us his top tips of what to buy from your local butcher.

1. What information from a customer is the most useful for you to recommend the perfect steak cut for them?

Firstly, we would ask how they like their steak, lean or would they be adverse to a little fat within their steaks (either a fillet or perhaps a rib eye). Costs are important, along with time and the number of guests eating. This will enable the server to make recommendations. Either a premium Dry Aged or a flat iron.


2. Your customer comes in with no idea what to buy for their next dinner party of 6 people, what would you recommend?

As well as a number of roast options, we can make a few suggestions to suit a number of different cost options,. These could include a dinner party pie, beef wellington, en-croute’s, pre-prepared casseroles, stir fry’s, brochettes (kebab skewers), long and slow braising dishes or casserole options.


3. Your customer wants to cook something special for their next date night in, but they’re not very confident cooking expensive steaks - what would you suggest?

Our simple pre-prepared "Chilli Bombs", steak brochettes (kebab skewers), beef wellington or steak melts with mozzarella.


 4. Your customer is on a tight budget cooking for a family and wants to make a large batch of something which will provide leftovers as well, which cut and dish type would you suggest?

Minced pork or beef are great options - great for meatballs, lasagna, cottage pie, spaghetti bolognese or chilli.  


5. Your customer has never made a roast before. Which cut would you recommend and how should they cook it?

Ideally a rolled sirloin of carvery rib of beef.

To cook this, bring the meat to room temperature first, then pre-heat the oven to 230°C. Season the meat with salt and pepper. Rub English mustard over the ends of the joint. Place in a roasting tin on a trivet and add a cup of water to the tray.

Set your timer, then roast for 20 minutes at 180°C. For a rare roast, cook for 15 minutes per 500g, medium roast 25 minutes per 500g, or well done 30 minutes per 500g.

Allow the meat to rest for at least 20 minutes in a warm place covered in foil. Keep all the cooking juices to make the gravy while the meat is resting. Enjoy.