Suppliers feature - John Scott Meat

Farms and Suppliers 1st Mar 2021

Meet the Supplier

 Meet Jason Ward from John Scott Meat

1. Tell us a bit about John Scott Meat.

John Scott Meat are proud to supply top quality beef and lamb into some of Britain’s finest butchers, catering butchers, wholesalers, hotels and restaurants. Specialising in prime bone-in beef and lamb, and vacuum packed beef, we recently acquired the boning plant adjacent to our current premises which has allowed us to massively increase the production of John Scott Meat's boxed beef in order to keep up with the ever growing demand for a high quality product.


 2. How do you make sure the beef and lamb you source is the best quality possible?

This comes down to working hand in hand with our farmers and building on the already strong relationships we have with them. We take a long term view and have built relationships with many of our dedicated farmers over years (in some cases generations!). Together we have been able to fine tune the livestock production to give the consistent quality which meets our customers’ demands, time and time again.


3. Tell us a bit about the types of farms you source from.

We source from some of the finest livestock producers and finishers in the country. These are farms which work to the highest standards of livestock production, sharing the same values as ourselves and understanding the importance of consistency in meeting our very particular specifications.


4. Why do you think it’s important for customers to buy their meat from Scotch Butchers Club members?

The scheme gives the assurance which guarantees every necessary step along the supply chain is taken, to ensure world class Scotch Beef and Lamb reaches the butcher shop counter. It makes the whole thing worthwhile when the customer knows exactly what they are buying. Having confidence that your local high street butcher is selling meat which has been raised to the highest standards with pride and passion is something we are very lucky to have in this country.


5. What do you think the most important thing to look for is when choosing a good quality steak?

As the old butcher saying goes ‘you buy with your eyes’. Size, colour and fat content are the key things to look out for. If I was to choose my personal favourite, the rib eye steak, I would be looking for a good thickness (1 – 1.5inches) to ensure it gets the perfect grilled finish on the outside without overcooking the middle. Combined with a nice soft-red coloured meat, and a beautiful eye of fat blended with threads of marbling flowing through the steak for that juicy flavoursome finish... On that note, I think I know what’s for dinner tonight!