Suppliers feature - Millers of Speyside

Farms and Suppliers 1st Apr 2021

Meet the Supplier

Meet Mikey and Sandy from Millers of Speyside


1. Tell us a bit about Millers of Speyside Ltd.

Millers of Speyside is a privately owned company based in Grantown on Spey. Our location is within the Cairngorm National Park in the Heart of the Scottish Highlands. With over 40 years of experience under our belt, we now employ over 50 staff members and have a delivery network spanning the globe. Our aim is to provide our customers with the highest quality meat whilst ensuring sustainability within our industry. 


2. How do you make sure the red meat you source is the best quality possible?

We source only the highest quality meats from hand selected suppliers across Scotland. We have rigorous quality management procedures in place to ensure the meat purchased from us will be the best you can buy.


3. Tell us a bit about the relationships you have with the farms you work with.

Having a solid relationship with our suppliers is crucial to maintain continuity for our customers. Regular supply chains ensure this continuity, confidence in supply, and, most importantly, tested and proven traceability from gate to plate.


4. Why do you think it’s important for customers to buy their meat from Scotch Butchers Club members?

More and more consumers are looking for confidence when buying. They need the re-assurance that the meat they buy is from a sustainable source that meets standards akin with today’s ever changing lifestyles. Scotch Butchers Club gives the customer this confidence.  


5. What do you think the most important thing to look for is when choosing a good quality piece of meat? 

For me its personal preference, for example, my old boss always told me “the fat is the flavour. You should look for a nice white / creamy white fat cover, not too lean though, you need the marbling to get that wholesome flavour”. Specific cuts are a personal choice, some like a nice Sirloin others the Ribeye, those with the cash take the fillet, its all personal preference, eat what you enjoy!