Know Your Cuts

Find out everything you need to know before visiting your local Scotch Butcher
The Butchers Guide


If you’re not used to buying from a butcher, you might find them intimidating. Whilst that’s not true, here are a few tips when ordering from your butcher.

Struggling for inspiration? Use our Scotch Meat guides for info on meat, and visit our sister site Make it Scotch for recipe ideas!

Don’t be afraid to ask the Butchers for help! They’re friendly and will be able to give you expert advice on the best cuts and ways to cook meat. Even if you’re an expert, you can learn something from butchers!

Work out which cut and how much meat you’ll need to order for you and your family. You can use our Cuts Guide below to learn more about the cuts, but again ask the butchers for advice! This way you’ll save money and wastage. 

Butchers aren’t just about meat. Look out for additional produce they sell, from farmers market vegetables to dairy produce.

And most importantly - always buy from a butcher that stocks Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb and Specially Selected Pork - so that you can be sure of high quality and standards. One easy way to do this? Find a Scotch Butchers Club member with our tool!

Use Our Cuts Guide

Make it the right amount (with our guide)

It can be tricky knowing the difference between your rump and your brisket. And even trickier to work out the cost and quantities so that you can make the best choice.

Well, our Cuts Guide helps take the pain out of selecting cuts and portions. You can enter the cut you want and we'll tell you all the information you need to buy with confidence!

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